(Photo: Instagram)Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly with his daughters.

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly had his gallbladder removed last week when his wife, Jill, was battling pneumonia, but that isn’t stopping the family from believing in God for healing.

Kelly, 57, is known for his time with the Buffalo Bills in the late 90s when his team made it to the Super Bowl four consecutive times. While his Bills lost each time, he has become known for his strong faith and will after losing his son, Hunter, in 2005 and battling head and neck cancer multiple times.

Now, it seems the family is undergoing another health battle. Kelly’s daughter, Erin Kelly-Bean, took to Instagram on Friday night to let people know the most recent health struggles that her family has been dealing with.

“Truthfully I’m not sure where to even begin… My mom has been in the hospital since Wednesday battling horrible pneumonia,” she revealed. “And within 24 hours my dad was in the room next to her after having to get his gallbladder removed. Although I don’t understand… I’m choosing to trust God and cling to Him… the Healer!!!!”

She closed the message by writing, “Our family would love for you to surround us in prayer!!! Thank you!”


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