And Now We Have A Skype Pastor!!

Yesterday we talked about a pastor who recommends the congregation tweeting in the church. Amazingly we found another interesting topic to share about a pastor who uses Skype in preaching.

Skype allows users to communicate with peers by voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet.

Talking of Skype Evangelist -Pastor Danny Louis Abaldo of the Truth And Mercy Ministries based in Yermo, California has embraced technology in his ministry by preaching via Skype.


This is the interesting story about him :

 I have talked to so many people who do not attend Church, they say, ” I have no bible preaching Church in my area, and so, many are meeting in home Churches and what I call Micro Churches.

These small groups many times could use a preacher-teacher to do a live on-line sermon for them by using Skype. I have been using it to minister to people and it is great. I came up with an idea, why not find true Christians, meeting at home a ministry where I simply preach-Teach a live one on one service?

I think it’s a real need as many are staying at home, reading and praying, but have no Pastor that preaches truth in mercy and from the word of God. I know the need is there and so I feel lead to fill that need.

What amazes me about Evangelist -Pastor Dan Abaldo is the aspect of embracing technology in this tech-savvy generation. Out of late most of his ministry is online reaching over 50,000 people world wide.

He also has an extensive ministry blog which he uses everyday as it has text sermons , audio sermons , videos and free music .

I think this one great idea to spread the Gospel of Jesus , what do you think ?



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