Candace Owens Parts with The Daily Wire

If you have been waiting for your daily weekly dose of the Candace Owens show, wait no further because Candace will no longer be part of the conservative media house, The Daily Wire. With both parties confirming the departure.

Candace confirmed on X formerly known as Twitter when she posted, “The rumours are true, I am finally free.” This was after co-founder Jeremy Boreing posted on X, “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.”

The last show that Candace did for the Daily Wire was to make it clear that specific journalists and other well-connected individuals like Rabii Shmuley are out to smear her name and reputation because of her stance on certain issues.

Candace Owens particularly started being taken out of context and targeted after a journalist took her speech during a tour out of context. The journalist made it seem that Candace supported Hitler.

She further received more backlash when she commented about the Black Lives Matter movement, especially during the George Floyd case, Kanye West’s tweet that some regarded as anti-sematic and most recently the Israel-Hamas war.

It is not clear what exactly led to the departure of Candace Owens from the media house considering she was one of the most notable figures since she joined back in 2021. Her show gained over 3 million followers by the time she left.

Candace has shared on her Instagram platform that there is a possibility that she will be venturing into her own show soon.

Written by Bushnell

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