CAR OVERTURNED : NTV Reporter And Harambee Stars Striker Survive A Grisly Road Accident

NTV reporter Brenda Wanga and her husband Allan Wanga survived a grisly road accident while travelling from the lakeside to Nairobi. The couple who were in the same car with Keli of Harambee stars escaped with minor injuries in an accident that left their car overturned on the road.

brenda wanga allan wanga

“Nobody is hurt. The driver lost control and rolled once. The seat belts saved us all,” Keli said. 

“Save for a knock on the head I am fine. Already seen a doctor, says it is just a swelling,” said Brenda.

car brenda

The couple was travelling to Nairobi after spending the weekend at a tourist resort in the lakeside City with their two children.


Brenda Mulinya Wanga and her children
Brenda Mulinya Wanga and her children

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