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CHRISTIANS And Gospel Artistes REACTIONS On Whether OCTOPIZZO Should Have Been Part of GROOVE AWARDS

Octopizzo was named by Mo Sound LTD as one of the guests who would aid in awarding the list of winners at the coveted groove awards. With groove awards being seen as a christian event a number of Christians were left surprised by the move while others being inspired by the move of bringing a secular artiste closer to the light.

Probaly Octopizzo would have thought of his decision to get born again but at the same time its an entertainment event so little impact would the platform have on his walk as a christian.

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Octopizzo on his part did his job at Groove as he was able to award Kris Eeh Baba as the hip-hop artiste of the year and at the same time rebuked artistes who sing for their own interests and not for GOD’s interest. His speech was profound in the setting where the gospel industry is fighting over what is content and what is not but not everyone was for it. “Octo should not have been part of Groove Awards”, the ones against it said.

Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo
Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo

Kalekye Mumo So true… People here are judging based on nothing. That so-called secular artist could have been so blessed by attending the event that he is currently changing his life. Just because I don’t have the calling to spread the gospel like a Christian musician doesnt mean I cant sing and praise God or be among people who do. Jesus walked among the theives, murderers and tax collectors that they may know him and become saved. Only God can judge. As for those claiming clothes make a Christian… you have a lot to learn. Even God has swagg

Joash McOpiyo very sad. a secular musician presenting an award to a gospel musician? there cannot be a competition between gospel and secular. the other day i was disapointed with adawnage the band on the#trend when they agreed to back nyota ndogo as she sings. this was crazy. lets know who we are in christ jesus

Princess Maa 2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? Someone answer that second verse is 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” (some people are already deceived are u one of them?).my third verse is 2 John 1:9-11

Kenn Eddy Krezi I guess you are just bitter bro.The Main essence of the GOSPEL is LOVE.Ask yourself what Jesus would do If He was groove awards and Octopizzo wanted to appreciate!!? Would he go to Facebook and say this?
Just because Octopizzo to you is a sinner doesn’t make you any holy.He is still God’s child and a sinner,and so is me and you.
Again I repeat the gospel is about LOVE.

Kagendo Njiru Lydia Ndwiga maybe he and many other’s don’t know where mosound offices are located I presume. This conversation reminds me of the sinful woman annointing the feet of Jesus with perfume. ..and a similar conversation began round that table…no wonder the story is in the Bible..Religion and rules set by men to please their flesh, same old story. ..Christ came to save the lost. if you ain’t one of them then He did not come for you.

Ćiirú Karanja Everybody saying different things but didn’t Jesus also mingle with Tax Collectors,people who didn’t believe in the kingdom.We are no better than the people of the World.And who came up with this Secular and Gospel divide.There’s someone in that Secular world as you put it who lives an exemplary life than most of you who are commenting.Before judging look into your life first Now you can throw those stones at me

Deejay Kagz I don’t ever rememba an year Groove awards ended with out queries…Their is something fundamentally wrong with this awards and i agree with both of you to some level but allow me to speak also as a pioneer in the gospel industry…It is time we stopped covering personal ideologies and thinking’s behind the word of God.I Do not believe in alot of the rules for groove awards i find them judgmental and who are we to judge??

Secondly this event started out with a great cause to honor excellence in the Gospel industry but now it looks to me like its there to honor the needs of its sponsors lets impress the sponsors and build a platform for ratings and money streams via mobile tune downloads ad country wide sold out concerts…What happened to the days when ministry was a thirst for God and the Holyspirit but not a show of glitz and glamor.

OK we are to reach out to the lost i agree that was Jesus’s main ministry on earth but if it is not about the ratings and money pullers for the sponsor what business really did Octopizzo have at the awards?what message were we pushing that youth of the world aspire to be like him?

Shish L C Wanjiru I don kno why pple lyk to justify sin by sayin u r judgin or u who is pointin it out is not holy…..who is a believer? Someone who has accepted he is a sinner and acknowledged Christ as th deliverer n saviour. A non believer is th opposite. Let me ask a question….if say a free mason said they want to come appreciate gospel music at groove wud they hav been welcome?

Ndela Ladu Make me understand how sharing an alter for God with a sinner is love again? Christ went to their houses he didn’t invite them to stand and speak in the synagogue.

Joyce Mwah-ngee Let’s extend grace to others in the same level Jesus Christ extended to us

Nettie Oyugi What pains me is that people in the secular industry can boldly stand and ‘advise’ gospel artists to focus on God in their songs…even they know that some of those gospel songs are seems to me the secular artists already know the truth, perhaps better than gospel artists…no? Ian Mbugua put it rightly..’decrease that God may increase’..Octo said more or less the same thing? So who is evangelizing who?

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Hosting OCTOPIZZO At Groove Awards Was A WRONG Move : Renown Gospel Artistes State