Deejay Sanch’s Devotion ” Impact Of Adversity On Our Christian Faith”

This segment that we introduced a few weeks ago has really encouraged alot of people as it helps a brother or sister out side their in the world.

Its important to tell you what’s happening with who and where but its also important for us to encourage each other in Faith.

In this session Deejay Sanch talks about the Impact of Adversity On Our Christian Faith does it build you or sway you further from GOD. Read this below and ponder upon it on your Christian Life.

Context :     Job 1:9-10

“Satan attacked Job’s motives, saying that Job was blameless and had integrity only because he had no reason to turn against God. Satan wanted to prove that Job worshiped God not out of love but because God had given him so much.

Satan accurately analyzed why many people trust God. They are fair-weather believers, following God only when everything is going well or for what they can get. Adversity destroys this kind of superficial faith.

But adversity strengthens real faith by causing believers to dig their roots deeper into God in order to withstand storms. How deep does your faith go? Put the roots of your faith down deep into God so that you can withstand any storm you may face.”

Share  the word and encourage each other in Faith. Deejay Sanch More Than Just A Deejay!!

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