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Nairobi Residents : Crossing The Road While Traffic Light Is RED & Talking On Phone While Crossing Is Now A Chargeable Offence

Many a times you see Nairobians crossing the road without looking at the traffic lights or some people talking on the phone while crossing the road. Well if you are one of them know that the next time you try that act you might find yourself in the hands of city council officers.


The Nairobi county unveiled the new by laws in Nairobi that relate with pedestrians who daily use the roads of Nairobi. The new laws will attract different charges as fines depending on the offence one has committed.

See below :

Pedestrians Crossing the road while traffic light is RED Ksh :  10,000

Pedestrians Crossing the road while talking on their mobile phones :

Ksh. 500

Boarding or alighting at non-designated matatu stops : Ksh. 10,000

Unfastened Seat belts : 500

Driving Car with worn out tyres : Ksh. 10,000

Double Parking : Ksh. 20,000


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