She Had NO Permission To Attend AUDITIONS, But This Kenyan Artiste Has Now Landed A Chance Of Going To USA

Christine Savatia

Ever found yourself in that situation where your parents or next of kin never want you to leave home or attend any auditions when deep inside you feel that you are talented and can make it ?  Well, this young budding artiste went through it all and now miraculously she went for one audition and miraculously a bigger door opened for her to not only have a recording in Kenya but also have a chance of gracing USA and South Africa.

Her name is Savatia Christine a born again Kenyan christian artiste who recently competed in the new Talanta awards which was held last Saturday at KICC. She was just a normal competitor like the rest but GOD opened doors for her when she named among the top list of winners who won a recording deal and have a chance of leaving the country for USA.

Speaking to Uliza Links she said :

My gratitude to God is so much because I have missed so many opportunities in the past because wherever I was staying it was hard to get permission to attend events, talent searches. Without my will I had been stopped from singing in 2011 but kept on doing it under cover.

God still let my light shine in these times. As of the time of the awards I had been sent to live upcountry but God made a way for me since I was called for an interview at an International NGO. I got another place to live. God being faithful gave me victory and all the negative things that were said over me including “Maisha yako yote yamekua ya msaada” are slowly coming to pass.

Christine now has the opportunity to visit the United States of America for the prestigious Talanta awards and perhaps South Africa too. Her journey has just started and now its all glory to GOD as she pursues her purpose.

I met someone I’ve always admired and he is my new voice coach that us Been, I have a new mentor Faith Muturi and my videos to be done by J.Blessing.

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