Time is the best  healer and Groove Awards is almost here with the anticipation of who will bag an award and who will not being on top of everyone’s mind. On 1st June all roads will lead to  Safaricom Indoor Arena Kasarani for the 10 year celebration of Groove Awards that will host many performing gospel artists and guests from all walks of life.

groove 10 years


This year Groove Awards will be different and with all the excitement following the awards we as Uliza Links Crew have come up with a list of predicted winners.


1. ANGELA KATUNGWA. [ Marketing ] 

Female Artist of the year: I prefer Size 8 for female artist of the year. I like Mateke, Tam Tam and i just like her voice. I think it was bold of her to get born again and moving from secular to gospel and maintaining it till now. She has encouraged other female artists not to feel intimidated of getting born again.

Size 8 white 1

Male artist of the year: If it were between Willy Paul and Bahati i would go for Bahati.

Song of the year: I’d go for Bahati’s ‘Barua’.

DJ of the year: Not sure.

2. MORRIS NGANG’A: [ Marketing ]

Female artist of the year: Eunice Njeri. I just love her consistency, heart of worship. If I compare her with the others, my heart sings Eunice.

Eunice Njeri post 1

Male artist of the year: L-Jay Maasai, he has been able to retain the urban feel of music, the Maasai culture something which many artists don’t do he is a very promising artist and this is just but a beginning from him. We can expect a lot from him.

l jay sell to bless

Song of the year: Mwema  by Mercy Masika. Mr. Vee wrote a good song and the voice of  Mercy in the song just makes it melodious.  The message itself still retains the heart of worship and it is an all time music. the video was simple and it brought Mercy Masika back to the gospel industry.


DJ of the year: DJ Krowbar. I like the way he ministers through the shows, Tukuza and Tendereza, he has that appeal for mature crowd and his themed show is so much educative with a lot of content.

3.ELIZABETH WAIRIMU.( Communication Department.)

Female Artist of the year: Eunice Njeri. She has maintained what she has been doing and has not diverted from the ministry of being a worshiper. Her songs are not just songs but quality gospel music.

Male artist of the year: Pitson. Creativity in his Music at least has shown that reggae genre of gospel can be successful

kilele pitson post

Song of the year: Mwema by Mercy Masika. That song is good, i love the video it is powerful, creativity in the video.

DJ of the year: DJ Mo. He is passionate about what he is doing he is not doing it for fun. Its a call for him. He is determined and focused. [  NB : DJ MO withdrew last year ]

4. ANITA CHIAMA.(Content Writer).

Female artist of the year:Eunice Njeri. She is a worshiper who has stuck to her mode of music since she started in the industry. She stands out in a good way.

Male artist of the year: Bahati.  He is humble which has been evident on his social media pages and that is amazing. I also like the step he takes towards relating with his fans even going to the extent of asking us to pray with him.

Bahati- new

Song of the year: Mwema by Mercy Masika. It is an amazing song that touches the heart, the lyrics has been well done and the video is even better.

mwema by mercy masika

DJ of the year: DJ Sadic. He is a mentor. He has walked with several upcoming artists in the industry through Genius Republic something that you don’t come across everyday. He is humble and generally an amazing person. His deejay ministry is a reflection of his relationship[ with God.

Lecrae-Sadic 1

5. GRACE OWUOR.(Content Writer.)

Female artist of the year: Size 8. She deserves to win. God has been faithful in her life and has never left her, I knew Size 8 in primary school we schooled together and she was so inspiring and she sang praise and worship in the morning assembly. She is open hearted and shares her inspirational life to many. Her move to salvation and Gospel industry encouraged many and she is bold never afraid of anything.

size 8 tears 1

Male artist of the year: Bahati. He is obviously humble and down to earth. He doesn’t despise anyone and is not over proud. He touched my heart when he adopted three children at a tender age. He is sure of himself and focused. He loves peace something which reveals in his social media accounts.

Song of the year: Mwanake by Benachi ft Kaberere. If there is one person who touched my heart through Music it was Kaberere. Mwanake seems so predicting as if he had known he would one day leave us. Benachi has nice moves that combine with the song beats and the video is just awesome.

benachi kabz post

DJ of the year: DJ Krowbar. The guy just knows his work and he has passion towards it. I love how he spins.


6. Eric Okoye ( Editor )


Female artist of the year: Eunice Njeri. I think she needs to win. My heart is with Eunice Njeri but my mind says Size 8 because of Tam Tam which has over one million views.


Male artist of the year:  Bahati will come on top again though there might be a contest from Willy Paul and L Jay Maasai. Willy Paul chances are based on his song with Size 8 as for L Jay Maasai his chances are based on him winning new artiste of the year. My Choice will be Bahati.

bahati willy post

Song of the year: Mwema by Mercy Masika is the current hit song being played all over.  Tam Tam on other hand might just bag the award because of the reach it has.

DJ of the Year: DJ Sadic may be the winner because DJ Mo decided to withdraw. I feel this year it will be between DJ Sadic and DJ Krowbar.

dj krowbar tam tam

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Written by Fran Strand

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