Three of the Most Popular Phrases in Kenya in 2023.

In Kenya, humor is a way of life. Anything can easily be taken out of context and made fun
of no matter how serious it is. Case in point, the recent frequent travels by His Excellency
President Ruto sparked a lot of memes and humor amongst Kenyans.
This year has been full of trending phrases in Kenya going around to the extent some have
gotten international recognition while others have been trademarked. The top three Kenyan
phrases include:
Mambo ni matatu.
A phrase that was used by His Excellency William Ruto during his speech. He was
addressing a very serious issue in matters of crime and he was pointing out that there were three
possible outcomes. His response brought a lot of reaction amongst Kenyans. It led to it being
a common phrase when trying to point out three issues. It became so popular that the
President decided to trademark the phrase.
A phrase that was used by the infamous Paul McKenzie. He is accused of organizing fasts in
the Shakahola region in Kenya that led to starvation which led to numerous deaths from his
While in a police truck after a court case, he was addressing a group.of people telling them,
kitawaramba. Meaning that it was going to be a ‘disaster’ or have consequences for those he
was addressing.
The phrase was so sensational and trendy that it was part of the trending phrases of 2023 in
Times magazine.
Ni God.
This is a common phrase that has emerged in Kenya as well. It is used when someone is
referring to a certain success they have achieved in their life.
A case in point is when Phil Director was hosting President Ruto for an interview and when the
President acknowledged Phi’s success, he said, Ni God.

Written by Bushnell

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