21 Year Old Boy Caught On Camera Breaking Into Catholic Church “To Steal” Sacremental Wine

A 21 year old boy was caught stealing in a catholic as he was trying to take home the sacramental wine.

According to a Lancaster Online report, Miguel A. Colon, who was homeless when he broke into the St. Anthony of Padua Church on four separate occasions over a month last summer, will have to find a stable home address as part of a prison-approved plan before he can be paroled.

“He was intoxicated when he went in the church and was even more so when he got out,” Colon’s defense attorney, James Gratton, reportedly said in court. “This is all about significant alcohol issues.”

The 21 year-old alcoholic prison inmate from Lancaster County, Pa., who broke into a Catholic church four times last year and was caught drunk on $5 bottles of sacramental wine and has been given three years’ probation for his crime by a local judge on Monday.

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