A Letter From An Upcoming Artiste: “Will A Gospel DJ Play My Video If Its Not HD Quality?”

“Will A Gospel Deejay Play My Video If Its Not HD Quality?”

Is quality taking over the message in a song? This a very great challenge for new talents in the gospel ministry.

Here is A Letter from an Upcoming  Artiste

Hi Servants Of GOD

“I have seen some videos not HD being played but also 90% of videos played are HD Videos and its such tough part for me as an artist to make it in the ‘industry’. I need to have the finances to produce a HD video which is quite expensive for me. I kindly request for my song to be played whether its HD quality or not as i believe my message is meant to save a soul to Christ.

A renowned gospel musician song will be released today and be played tomorrow because? their video is HD quality. While as for me i submitted my video weeks ago and it has never been played.

I live on a low budget and i depend on music for me to make it in life as i believe its my calling. I wish you a deejay to help us move forward as upcoming gospel artistes who cant afford HD videos.

I feel if  i submitted my song first it should be played first as long as it has good message that will save a soul.  I know they are so many videos and songs submitted weekly but i feel a song of HD quality should not be played before mine when i came first.”


GODs Servant

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