“At One Point I Felt Like BACK SLIDING But Something Made Me NOT To” : Gospel Singer Reveals

Go tell the righteous it shall go well with them.

shinel wanja

When I got born again it got to a point and I asked myself seriously aint it better to backslide and live like other people did.I looked at neighbour of mine who wasn’t even born again “prosper” in her life.
I started to ask God why was it happening I hadn’t read bible so well.

shinel wedding

I didn’t know it said don’t admire their ways so I seriously admired her ways.
Then one day the HolySpirit the awesome teacher whispered to me this verse ‘dont admire the ways of wicked soon they will be cut off’.

This changed my life of Christianity, are you there looking at the wicked and saying I would better have remained there, in the club, in sin, in drugs in prostitution.HolySpirit just whispered to me to tell you it shall go well with those who fear God.

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Written by Jacob Tremblay

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