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Bamboo Oriental….

IMG-20150709-WA0006 Location:

Bamboo Oriental Restaurant,

Zen Garden,

Lower Kabete (Kitisuru),



Bamboo Oriental is an elegantly adorned fine-dining restaurant specializing in Pan-Asian cuisine. Their menu consists of a wide array of Pan-Asian dishes enabling customers to enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines.

Lunch is always on my mind coz most  times I end up skipping breakfast especially during weekends (for no apparent reason…lol) and what better place to have some with friends or family while catching up than at Bamboo Oriental Restaurant at the Zen Garden.


My friends and I decide to do lunch so we ordered two appetizers from the menu;

Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Heavenly beef (tender pieces of beef in teriyaki sauce) and for the main course we decided to have some Egg rice and Chicken Noodles.


They have good portions for their dishes which makes a plate of appetizer or main course shareable by two or three depending on the meal. The chicken lettuce was my favorite appetizer and I ended up having more of it than the main course heheheheh (it was my main course) and is a must have for anyone who loves chicken mixed with some veges.


The Chicken noodles presentation was good and I had alot of drama trying to use the chopsticks (which I still don’t know how to) but I would have loved it better if they had it more spiced up or at least more salt (I always prefer when salt is put into food when its being cooked). The restaurant is mostly busy during lunch hour so booking a reservation before going would be advisable. They also have a Sushi Bar ideal for a quick lunch and skilled sushi chefs will keep you entertained as they serve you your favourite sushi dishes. You can also view their menu on their website and pre-order if you would like to.

I will be going back to Bamboo just to have the Chicken Lettuce Wraps and I will be picking two people to join me. Just follow me on Instagram for more details!

Photography by Neolight Productions.


Written by Kathlene Malizia

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