Bahati Has LOST Direction In His New Song “Kuchu Kuchu” : Christians Reactions

Gospel artiste Bahati has finally released his new song Kuchu Kuchu ft Wyre and Rabbit but the song has ignited reactions from the christian circle.

bahati wyre

With the intention being right from the on set the song has a nice beat but the message seems to be shallow and more directed to capture the mind of the listener to listen to the song more and more.

Bahati- new

Like some of his ardent fans who shared their heartfelt comments about the new song they  didn’t directly condemn him but tried to correct him in love : 

Brathe, I love you, like your music but this round…. WALAI HAPO UMEANZA ZA OVYO. We didn’t we expect this from you. You have lost direction pliz…..Unaeza kosa kuona mahali umekosea lakini sisi ndio fans wako. Ziba UFA mapema. Ndio ujue umekosa!!!! Just wait for it to reach the christian family as whole, media….

Carol Dollah bahati am your fan but for this song sijaifeel hata kidogo iv played it three tyms hiyo collabo is wack for me.

I admitt its anice song… when did wyre nd king kaka became gospel artist???? Ironical…where is the gospel industry heading too???? I fail to understand. There are soo many gospel artist out there.. lyk crzly u failed this tym nd u need to do something about it or else… mmmh… i dont know.

hey bahati plz watch out God dint bring u this far to start compromising ur salvation..THERE IS ALSO A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ENTERTAINMENT SONGS AND GOSPEL SONGS…..its one thin to minister to the secular artist n another to collabo wit them the bible says don’t be equally yoked with unbelievers.

From the other side some of his followers supported the message by saying :

We Christians are the worst hypocrites who said that a secular artist can’t talk to God.The song is all about not giving up n to keep pressing on.N so my question is so wyre n Kaka hawawezi ambia God about what they feel aai????

The song is nice. I don’t understand what the fuss about him doing a collabo with secular artistes is,whereas Jesus dined with sinners



What is your take on this ?



  1. I find it surprising and moreso shocking the way people can turn statements an verses in the bible to suite what they want to say or think is right.Jesus dining with sinners did not make him a sinner as well.He dined with them to bring them to salvation and not to encourage them to continue in cannot sing gospel music with someone who doesnt have the same beliefs with you or is unequaly yoked as the bible says.You cannot sing what you do not believe in.Putting urself as a Gospel artist in that position is not right.Regardless of how people want to look at it.

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