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Amazing Revelation: “I Was Shot In The Dream And I Woke Up With Boils”


Brothers and Sisters, join me to praise the Lord, the great Deliverer, the Man of war. He is God that goes before His children in their battle of life.

My Father and my God, l bless Your name.You are the Source of my life, the Source of my victory and the Source of my joy.
One night in January this year, l got up from the bed on hearing gun shots. I thought armed robbers had descended on our street. It was around 2 am. But it was not to be. It was a dream.
The gun shots came the second time. However, it was targeted at my head. And the bullet was released. l woke up sweating.
I did not get the implications of the dream at the time. The time was 3:00. One hour after the first one.
Before I knew it, l began to experience some strange changes.
A boil sprang up on one side of my nose. I felt like blowing my nose and l did. What did l find? Blood from the nose.
Before l could think of the next thing to do, l felt boils, big ones. One at the neck and the other under my left armpit. My eyes were open but l could no longer see clearly. What is happening?  I asked myself. I was then feeling heavy where l sat.
I wondered where my husband was. I pulled a call through to him, he came from the living room where he was having his quite time. He was surprised at my condition and prayed for me. I felt relieved. But it was short lived. After he went out, l started feeling more than how l felt earlier. My voice seemed to be leaving me.
The battle was tough. Better to imagine it than to experience it.
Thank God, l remembered my brother, a pastor. I called him with low voice. He called me back and prayed for me.
He instructed me to use Ps.91 to pray into some water that l would use to drink and bathe with.And l had to claim the Blood of Jesus.But it had to be on one condition.
I had to check myself if there was any sin l was harboring. To him, the dream was not ordinary, it was a serious trouble.
I cried to God and l did according to what my Brother said.
Glory be to God Almighty Who hears when we call and cry to Him.
The little process became a mighty instrument that God used to heal me.
The experience made me know the efficacy of Ps 91 and the Blood of the Lamb.Within days all the manifestations ceased.
Here l am today, standing on my feet, made whole by the power in the name of Jesus and His Blood.
No drug.No hospital. Could these have helped in the attacks? Only God and God alone, could have done it, preserving my life from the arrow of the enemy.

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