“Certain Offices Will Go” : President Ruto On Cutting Government Expenditure

President Ruto Stathouse

Nairobi, Kenya – In a bold move to streamline government operations and cut expenditures, President William Ruto has announced plans to eliminate certain government offices.

President Ruto Stathouse

Speaking at the Digital Media round table, Ruto emphasized the need to adapt to current economic realities by reducing unnecessary bureaucratic structures.

“Do we need certain offices? And I have agreed with you that certain offices will go. You know, as part of building the new reality, certain offices will go. Certain actions I must do,” stated President Ruto. “I am interrogating what it is that I can do to make sure that we live within the reality that now we are in.”

This decision comes as the Kenyan government faces mounting pressure to address economic challenges and reduce public spending. President Ruto highlighted the importance of living within the country’s means and making tough decisions to ensure fiscal responsibility.

In addition to the reduction of government offices, President Ruto addressed concerns related to the behavior of certain cabinet members. He acknowledged that some leaders within the government have been using social media platforms to engage in activities that may not align with their official duties.

“I think another issue that we have, or the Gen Z’s have, is a section of members of your cabinet where the leaders who are in government and they are floating their populates. I think that’s one issue that we need to address on the table, especially in social media,” Ruto noted.

The President’s remarks underscore the need for accountability and professionalism among government officials, particularly in the digital age where social media presence can significantly impact public perception.

As President Ruto’s administration continues to implement these changes, the focus will be on creating a leaner, more efficient government that better serves the needs of the Kenyan people. The elimination of certain offices and stricter oversight of cabinet members’ activities are expected to be key steps in achieving these goals.

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