President Ruto On Reports of Abductions and Use of Live Bullets

President Ruto Stathouse


In an exclusive interview with Digital Media, President William Ruto addressed growing concerns about alleged abductions and the conduct of the police during arrests, reaffirming his administration’s commitment to lawful and transparent law enforcement operations.

President Ruto Stathouse

“There is no provision in the law for any abduction. Any arrest of citizens must be within the law,” President Ruto stated, emphasizing the importance of adhering to legal protocols. He made it clear that the independent police service has been instructed to ensure all arrests are conducted transparently and within legal parameters.

“When police arrest somebody, it must not be immediately made to look like it’s an abduction,” he clarified. He outlined the proper procedure for arrests, which includes police identifying themselves and stating the reason for the arrest. “The police must come and tell you, ‘This is us. We are the police. We want to interrogate you on this matter, on this matter, on this matter.’ As long as it is done within the parameters of the law, it doesn’t amount to an abduction.”

Addressing recent protests, President Ruto made a clear distinction between peaceful demonstrators and those engaging in criminal activities. “Peaceful protesters will be protected by the police. But you cannot tell me that the people who burned down Parliament were peaceful protesters,” he asserted. He condemned the actions of those who destroyed property and incited violence, noting the significant damage and losses incurred by innocent citizens and businesses.

“We have thousands of citizens who have lost property, businesses worth 2.4 billion. These are innocent people doing their business,” he highlighted. He stressed that criminals who exploit peaceful demonstrations to loot, steal, and cause destruction must be held accountable. “The police have a cardinal responsibility to protect people’s property. That’s what the law provides.”

Reflecting on the recent demonstrations, President Ruto expressed disappointment over the violence and destruction caused by some participants. “The city hall was burned down. The office of the Chief Justice was burned down. You saw what happened in Parliament. Mayhem. Doors broken. Furniture broken. Kitchen burned.”

He praised the initial peaceful nature of the youth-led demonstrations, acknowledging their right to voice concerns and call for change. However, he encouraged a more constructive approach to addressing issues, particularly those related to the finance bill.

“Let us keep it peaceful,” he urged. He encouraged young people to engage in dialogue about the finance bill, understanding its contents and debating its merits and drawbacks. “We are a mature society enough and we are intelligent enough to say, okay, let us unpack this finance bill. What is good in it? What is bad?”

President Ruto’s message is clear: adherence to the rule of law is paramount, and peaceful protest is a protected right, but violence and criminal activities will not be tolerated.

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