President Ruto Responds to Threats of KTN Shutdown


In a recent interview, President Ruto addressed the unsettling allegations that KTN has been threatened with a shutdown.

Amid the confusion and the running around, even when there appears to be no commotion, these threats against the media house are deeply concerning.

President Ruto emphasized that it is unfortunate and unacceptable for any media personality to be threatened for any reason, whether it pertains to their reporting or their actions.

“KTN should make a formal report of who threatened them so that the culprits can be dealt with in accordance with the law,” President Ruto stated.

“Nobody should threaten any media personality for whatever reason. If I have a complaint with a media house or a journalist, I know where to take it, report it to the right agencies, and have the matters sorted out within the parameters of the law.”

Addressing the issue of police harassment towards journalists, President Ruto called for accountability. “If a particular policeman has harassed a journalist, the police have numbers. Let us have them reported so that they can be dealt with in accordance with the law. Nobody escapes and institutes impunity. Nobody is above the law. The president is not. The police are not. Citizens are not. Everybody must be subject to the law.”

When asked about unverified claims regarding the shooting of Kenyan police officers deployed in Haiti, President Ruto responded, “There is no report that I have.”


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