President Ruto Addresses Genz Demands and Calls for His Resignation

President Ruto

During a recent media address  in Statehouse, the President emphasized the importance of youth involvement in the political space, expressing his satisfaction with young people’s peaceful and purposeful engagement.

He also agreed to speak with the youth through a twitter space once a month.

President Ruto

Proposals for Multi-Sectoral Youth-Led Groups

The President proposed the formation of a multi-sectoral youth-led group to incorporate voices from various sectors, including civil society. He encouraged young people to interrogate, critique, and improve upon his proposal, highlighting the need for collective agreement on the way forward.

Feedback and Rejection of Initial Proposals

Despite his call for collaboration, the President received strong feedback suggesting that his approach may not align with the youth’s vision. He admitted a communication gap between his administration’s actions and the youth’s expectations, stressing the importance of addressing this disconnect.

Issues of Youth Unemployment and Monetization Opportunities

The President underscored his efforts to tackle youth unemployment, including negotiations with Tik-Tok to monetize content in Kenya and agreements with Germany for labor export. He highlighted the housing plan and digital platform initiatives as significant steps toward creating job opportunities for young people.

Impact of Digital Platforms and International Agreements

With nearly 100,000 young Kenyans monetizing their digital talents, the President aimed to expand such opportunities across the nation. He also emphasized the importance of international agreements in providing employment opportunities for Kenyan youth abroad.

Challenges in Communication and Governance

Acknowledging the communication problems, the President called for an open dialogue with the youth to understand their concerns better. He emphasized the need for practical solutions to long-standing issues like youth unemployment and poor governance.

Public Sentiments and Calls for Resignation in ‘Ruto Must Go Protests’

Following the President’s announcement that he would not sign the proposed finance bill, there was a surge in calls for his resignation. The President maintained that while people have the right to express their views, the focus should be on solving the underlying problems rather than resorting to simplistic solutions.

Demands for Action on Promises

The youth expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s progress on promises made during the campaign. They urged the President to act on issues like governance, rule of law, and responsible spending, emphasizing the need for tangible results.

Criticism of Government Spending and Leadership Flaunting Wealth

The President admitted that flaunting wealth by government leaders is a societal problem, reflecting the broader issue of money’s influence in politics. He called for a collective effort to address this problem, noting that leaders are a product of the electoral process.

Role of Religion in Politics

While defending his frequent church visits, the President agreed that the intersection of religion and politics requires careful handling. He acknowledged the need for religious events to remain separate from political agendas.

Specific Demands from the Youth Movement

Among the 14 demands made by the youth movement, issues like scrapping the housing levy, recalling MPs, and addressing the status of JSS teachers were prominent. The President committed to addressing these concerns, despite the challenges posed by budgetary constraints.

Future Plans and Engagements with the Youth

Looking forward, the President promised ongoing engagement with young people to refine and implement his initiatives. He called for the youth to organize themselves through a X space  ( formerly twitter ) and propose how best to structure their involvement, reiterating his commitment to addressing their concerns.

The President’s initiative to involve youth in governance is at a critical juncture, with strong reactions from the younger generation. The upcoming engagement sessions will be crucial in determining the path forward and bridging the gap between government actions and youth expectations.

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