A Moment of Abruhaha At The Homabay Confrence With President Ruto

For the past few weeks, His Excellency President Ruto has been visiting different counties addressing the public. His speech has been on issues like convincing leaders to encourage citizens to apply for jobs abroad.

On his visit to Homabay County, he received a warm welcome from the political dignitaries and the people of the county. This is where the viral video of the pastor’s prayer came from as he prayed for the conference as accustomed.

In a video that has been circulating and has had many Kenyans laughing is a pastor who opened the Homabay conference with a prayer where President Ruto graced. Pastor Raphael Obego has a unique choice of words that left the audience agreeing in a loud Amen by the time he was done.

He began his prayer with a few simple but uncommon words like invoke and behooved. This then continued to phrases that started to crack up the audience including the President and Governors present.

The instant he used phrases like a moment of Abruhaha most of the audience were already eyes open trying to hold their laugh and dry the tears off their face from the humorous effect his choice of vocabulary had.

In Kenya, each tribe is known for its unique attributes and characters. The Kikuyu for instance are believed to be good in matters of business, the Luhyas are believed to be lovers of tea, the Kalenjins are thought to be natural athletes while the Luo are believed to be lovers of speaking the Queen’s English.

Despite this belief, it was still a happy and amusing shock when the pastor from Homabay decided to use his perplexed vocabulary and make it as normal and smooth as he did.

Written by Bushnell

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