Tyla Lands Deal With Clothes Line, Gap

South African R&B singer known for her hit song, Water is making major moves in the industry. Tyla is dancing her way to a Gap deal with the launch of a new and original clothesline called Line Moves.

The Grammy Award artist has things going well for her in her career after her song went viral and became a sensation worldwide. She became the first artist to win a Grammy in the new category that celebrates African music.

According to Gap, the line is their original style created for individuals who make every move on their own. Joined by a group of professional choreographers, Tyla re-imagines the hit U.S. single Back on 74.

Brands and fashion houses have been working with different celebrities who act, sing, or have garnered a huge following on their social media platforms like influencers. This has been a business move to reach a wide range of audience.

For brands like Chanel, it has lowered their status as a high-class fashion brand that was famously known to the elite. Many new money individuals like the Kardashians and TikTok influencers have cheapened the brand reach.

The Birkin bag from the Hermes fashion house was a rare investment is now common and most women get it as a flex. The bag is no longer a defining factor of social status but an Instagram aesthetic.

Ye who was known as Kanye West dropped from a billionaire status after he lost his deal with Adidas. Yeezy, Ye’s fashion line collaborated with Adidas to make sneakers. However, after his anti-semantic comments, they cut ties with the singer.

Written by Bushnell

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