Elodie Zone Gets Candid On Life After Job Loss and Being Homeless

The former radio presenter and YouTuber Elodie Zone narrates how she has been struggling ever since she lost her job. In a long TikTok video, she shares how she has been homeless and in abusive relationships.

Elodie shared that she lost her job, was cut off from her family, distant herself from her friends because they were not in the same ‘vibe’. She expresses that she feels lonely and as if people do not care to listen to her.

In the video, she shared that she claims she recorded it fifteen minutes after she was verbally and physically abused by the man she was staying with. Elodie shares that she tried telling him something while he was intoxicated and his response was to kick her out.

Elodie went on to clarify why she is sharing her story online because she had no one to tell and had hopes that someone would care enough to reach out and help her. She said previously she would talk to her dog Max, but she had left it under the care of someone else as she figured out her housing situation.

The YouTuber shared that she was initially diagnosed with depression in her early teens. Adding that her family were partly in fault for not being there for her. She also said that it was difficult for people to understand her.

Elodie shared that she had trouble relating and working with different superiors because they did not understand her way of being. She adds that most of them always so fault her and would not give her a chance to defend her actions.

Currently, Elodie is being housed by the caretaker of the apartment of the man who threw her out. The caretaker has also given her enough space to put her things as she figures out what she will do next.

Written by Bushnell

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