Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Warns Ruto, Gachagua

Their is no singing and dancing for the congregants of Jesus is Alive ministry led by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru. This comes after a police raid that was done earlier this week at the church premises.

The church located in Haile Selaisse avenue was raided and partly demolished by the police under the EACC. The land where the church is located is apparently primary Government land.

Bishop Wanjiru claimed that the police mishandled her and other members of her church as they tried to enquire on and stop the police raid.

Photos that were later posted on social media show Bishop Margaret in hospital nursing what seems to be a broken arm. She claimed that the police also raised her skirt and touched her thighs.

During a press conference, the Bishop who also vied for a political seat and lost during the previous General election had alot to say to the government.

Bishop Margaret sent a stern word of caution to President Ruto and his deputy, Gachagua. She said that this was a form of betrayal considering she was one of the founding members of UDA.


Written by Bushnell

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