Hope at last for Gladys Kamande

Photos of a street boy breaking down in tears after seeing Glady Kamande went viral on social media making Kenyans to react. Gladys Kamande has been diagnosed with collapsed lungs and therefore fully relies on oxygen cylinders and a generator to breath.

The 32-year-old lady has undergone surgery 12 times and the repeated surgeries have ruptured her optical nerve causing her to be blind. She later suffered from Recurrent Thromboembolism that resulted in her lungs collapsing.

Gladys Kamande needs to get treatment in Artemis hospital in India so that she could undergo surgery and be able to breath again. A certain Ndungu Nyoroo started the initiative on Monday December 5th to raise money for Kamande’s treatment in India.

The hash tag #IamWithGladys has been used by Kenyans to ask for other Kenyans to contribute towards the treatment of Glady Kamande. So far so good as Kenyans have managed to raise over 4 million shillings in just over four days.

Written by Eugene Cardus

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