Lyrics Alert : I Live For You by BMF

Be My Faithful (Bmf Music) is such a lovely and talented group moving from their humble back grounds. Recently they released their new album Rise Up and we should just say we are humbled by the way they are progressing in the Gospel ministry.

Do you remember I Live for You ..well here are the lyrics and video so that you can sing along.

For you i live*3
You,you,you alone.

Day by day i’m getting addicted to you
Can’t get enough i need more and more of you
Can’t explain what i feel when i’m with you
You’re the miracle i need
Whether winning or loosing i will still be strong
Coz i know on whose side i’m leaning on
Life might be hard but i’m holding on
Holding on to you,
Sijui nikuite nini we ni mpenzi wa suprise
Since you came into my soul i’m feeling so nice
I’ll be totally devoted to you
Dedicating all my life to you

I live for you
Every song that i sing is for you
And every move that i make is from you
And i believe that you’re blessings are true*2

Lord i declare this day that i shall live for you
No matter what the enemy him a do
To try and make me change my mind from the truth
Temptation him a bring on my way
To make sure ina mi life that me always go astray
But attention to him me no pay
Because ina mi life you have promised to stay
Lord give me the strength to fast and then pray
Never leave my life everyday show me the way
on your word and your promises now me meditate
And anywhere you send me Lord me no hesitate
Lord give me the strength to fast and then pray
Never leave my life everyday show me the way
On your word and your promises now me meditate
Enough said,satan you’d better be ashamed.


Yes mi know that,that ina mi life Lord
I am nothing everytime me need your support
Can’t imagine my life without you in
You’re my everything,you make my heart to sing
And singing without your spirit i’m just an empty tin
My need i can’t work it out,my money could not work it out
But you’re satisfy my heart,with your love you make me feel high
You alone i will glorify
you amaze with the things you do to me
And when i’m in need there you’re for me
Now i’m dedicating everything to you
My money,my talent and ability to you Lord


Hakuna anipendaye kama we Jesus
Serving you inamake the devil furious
Anafanya bidii ili niende hell
Lakini katika jina lako mipango zake zitafail
Usiruhusu chochote ikeep us apart
Tafadhali kuwa the master of my heart
Holy,loving and gentle king bila wewe mimi ni nothing
May i decrease and may you increase
In you i find perfect peace
Draw me close to you kama Don moen
Jesus wewe ndio njia ya pekee ya kufika heaven
Mighty wariour you’ve never lost a fight
Help me to meditate on your laws day and night.


I live for you
I live*2 I live for you*5
You alone i wanna live for you
You alone i wanna sing for
You alone i sing fooooooooooor.


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