Lyrics Alert!! Mungu Baba By Rufftone And GSU

Here are the lyrics of Mungu Baba by Rufftone.

Mungu Baba twaomba, 
uilinde nchi yetu 
tuishi kwa umoja 
Chuki si tumalize, 
tusameheane tupendane 
Ni wewe Mungu pekee
Mungu Baba twaomba, 
uilinde Kenya yetu 
tuishi kwa upendo 
Chuki si tumalize,  
tuungane tushangiliane
Ni wewe Mungu pekee 

Now me say Love, love, love one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now love one another
Me say serve, serve, serve one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now serve each other
We are the leaders of today, we are the kings of today
We are the princes and the queens of now
We are the ones that the Lord has chosen yes
We are the ones with the power today yes

My home, my Kenya, my land
My residence, my president
My town, my city, my crown, my love, my joy, my pride
Amen, Amen, Amen


Raundi hii wasee nawashow
Tusipochunga vision 2030
Itakuwa vision 3020 

Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja
Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja eh


A Tuvuke Peace initiative and the National Youth Orchestra




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