Two month old baby suffering from a strange disease

A two months old baby girl has been struck with a strange disease and requires millions for treatment. The girl from a village in Samburu county cannot even be able to suckle because she is bleeding from her mouth. Her mother Eunice Letuluai, a class eight drop out now requires KSh 2 million for her baby’s treatment after the little bundle of joy was diagnosed with haemangioma, the Star reports.

Haemangioma is a condition which occurs when a collection of blood vessels form a lump under the skin. Meet this innocent two months Samburu baby with a strange disease and she desperately needs your help. The baby was admitted to hospital for two weeks but was forced to go home after doctors’ went on strike.

Eunice says the disease started manifesting as sore red pimples two weeks after the baby was born which then escalated to large watery pimples. “As you can see, the pimples have now grown bigger and have spread across the face. If I breastfeed, blood oozes from the baby’s mouth,” she is quoted by the Star.

The baby was then admitted to Samburu county Referral hospital as a result but was forced to be taken home after only two weeks following the doctors’ strike. Letuluai’s daughter has developed a deformed face as a result of the condition and is unable to suckle as she is bleeding on her lips.

The mother now requires the money to have the little girl treated at the Kenyatta National Hospital where she has been referred to. “I call upon anyone to come and help me. I can’t imagine losing the firstborn baby in my hands,” she is quoted by the Star.

If the rare disease is left untreated, it will lead to heart failure which will definitely threaten the life of the child.

Written by Eugene Cardus

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