No Hawking in the CBD, Sakaja Orders

A photo of Governor Johnson Sakaja speaking at City Hall

It seems that Nairobi will now take a new look after Gorvenor Johnson Sakaja yesterday announced that there will be no trading taking place along the Central Business District(CBD).

Sakaja announced the directive to remove the hawkers from the city pavements in a meeting with a group of hawkers in City Hall.

The city boss noted the move aimed to restore dignity on the roads and streets of Nairobi and bring it back on the world map again as a city of order.

“We will not have any hawking on the roads and we will start enforcing it from tomorrow morning, even in Muthurwa bus station, “ highlighted the governor.

A photo of Nairobi City Inspectorate officers

He added that hawking will not be tolerated on the road since it was an irreducible minimum even for the safety of the traders.

However, Sakaja highlighted that if the traders were inside a small section it was okay and the only thing left was to discuss the timing with the traders.

The governor also urged the traders to remain confident even before the county council officers started implementing the directive since no one was above the law.

On the other hand, Sakaja warned the officers to stand in fairness during the implementation of the directive and ensure the rules are applied by everyone to create a city of order.

“ When we say there is no hawking in Moi Avenue or Tom Mboya it means there is none for anyone no matter who it is because when you allow one person why not the rest,” said Sakaja.

In the meeting, he also revealed that his administration had waived parking fees in the city during the weekends to allow the traders to sell.

This directive just comes a few days after a group of city traders selling smokies was harassed and some of their items confiscated by kanjos from the county government.

A photo of Nairobi hawkers along a street


Written by ERICK MAINA

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