“Oh No!! I Left My Bible At Home, But I Have My Iphone “

On a Sunday Morning walking on the way to church theirs  a mother and a child, and the mother asks the child : Where is your Bible ?  The Child responds: “I have it with me but you cant see it.” Why couldn’t the mother see it?

“The answer is simple because the Bible is now called “The Digital Bible.”

Its quite interesting these days as you enter a church you will notice that the congregation has gone digital too. Most of  the youthful generation no longer carry Bibles to church not to talk of church hymn books. It goes further as it applies also to our pastors who have embraced technology and now preach with ipads as they slide their presentations.

We saw this discussion and we thought we should share with  you. These are some of the reasons  they came up with looking at both sides of the coin on whether To carry a Bible or Read it from your phone.

Reasons For A Bible App


First, the convenience of the Bible on your phone is the biggest reason most Christians like the Bible app.



Having it accessible at all times, either through wi-fi or a downloaded copy, is very valuable. Want to look up a different version of a passage? Hit a button, and presto! there it is within seconds. If you sign up for an account, you can enter a daily plan for Bible reading on your phone! You also have the ability to enter bookmarks and write note

Reasons Against Bible App

Internet Diversion

If you know as me if you like browsing you might find yourself browsing social sites in church  if you try accessing your bible through your cellphone.

“Minimized Bible”

Some bible apps are just made so that you can make reference but not find the full message in the word. The verses are reduced so as to fit the mobile version of the application. In the process you might not find the true word.

Loss of Carrying The Bible Culture

We also loose something called “carrying the bible culture”. When we were young we never liked to carry our bible to church because they were heavy and even some looked like a dictionary someone would say. I think when you carry your Bible high in the streets without hiding it in the bag proves something. What does that prove?

What do you feel about this?

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