(Poem) What Is Love? : “I Speak Of Love” By Rudi

This week we feature talent in the art of poetry by young talented Rudi.

Here Is The Poem


I speak of love that knew me before I was conceived
I speak of love that natured me since I was a toddler
You see as I grew up,I didn’t know who love was
Having been brought up in a christian family,I thought I knew Him
I was actively involved in the church activities like most of us are
I was in sunday school,drama,music…
U can name it all.
But deep inside my heart I had a strong craving,a crave that left me feeling empty and made me soak my pillow with tears every night
Am speaking of love that predestined me for adoption through Jesus Christ
Am speaking of love that chose me in Him even before the creation of the world
I became a little older
And as each day passed,life became tougher and tougher
Not having been brought up with a father it was difficult trying to know who love really was
I tried to find Him in my friends
But I still felt empty
I tried to find Him in love songs
But the emptiness was still there
I tried to find Him in my family,in novels,in the television,in classic radio
But I just couldn’t find Him
The emptiness increased even the more
It was like a cancer disease eating me up slowly by slowly
But He kept whispering in my ear every moment
I love you child*3
Mind you,am speaking of love
Am speaking of love that grants peace which surpasses all human understanding
Am speaking of love that brings eternal joy and fulfilment
When I became a lady,I tried to find love in relationships,money and immorality
To me, love did make no sense
It was like a cliché to my ears
Because as I grew up,the statement “men are not to be trusted” was ingrained in my system like a birthday date
I lived in fear,anxiety and uncertainty
I didn’t know what the future held for me
Like any other lady,I dreamt of a happy family with beautiful kids and a loving husband
But the point is,I didn’t know what love is
Cause I didn’t know who love is
At the end of the day,I was heartbroken,used and abused
I cried countless times in search of love

The emptiness became more and more

The truth is,many of us are looking for love in all the wrong places
But I am here to speak of true love
Because I found my true love Jesus Christ
He is my one and only
He is my all in all 
He is my one in all 
You see,many of us have been brought up with dads but have never known what it feels like to be loved by a father
Am speaking of love that raised me from grass to grace
Am speaking of love that is not inspired by looks,money or status
Am speaking of love that loves me for me
When I sought love,I found Him
He showed me what true love is
He told me that a good man never hurts his woman but sometimes tastes her resolve to stand beside him unflatteringly
Love taught me to trust,to be patient and kind,to love unconditionally,to be humble,to be generous,to forgive and forget
When I found love,I found me
He told me to wrap my hands around proverbs 31
Because I don’t want to be a disgrace to my Abraham,my Isaac or my Jacob
When I found love,I found satisfaction
And do you know what He calls me?
He calls me His beloved,His child,the apple of His eye
Thats why I can’t help but always sing…
People lets not speak of love when we do not know God who is the true source of love
Rudi (Winnie)
Twitter :  @irinemamaviatu

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