Roselyn of Adawnage Writes An Open Letter To Safaricom To “Tetemesha” Her

Roselyn Kaki Mwihaki is the name of the lead singer of the Adawnage band loved for her zeal to serve the Lord.

Theirs a current campaign By Safaricom Ltd called Tetemesha Na Safaricom,where a Safaricom subscriber has a chance of winning airtime and cash prizes.


Looking at the current campaign it is expected that so many subscribers are hoping to be the lucky ones and Roselyn  is one of them. Now she is wondering if the points she has accumulated will earn her something ultimately or it will just be in vain.

Read the brief letter by Roselyn.


“Dear Safaricom, if you don’t tetemesha me, you better convert my points to airtime or Mpesa. The points I’ve accumulated weren’t free so I’d appreciate if you turned them to mulla. Yours, Tetemesha hopeful” Have you won something if not share with us.

What do you think?

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