Social Media Taking Over : “I Met My Husband On Twitter”

Social Media has been like the new country that people live in not only here in Kenya but also globally. This days people share what they are eating, why they are bored and where they are heading too.

Their is this amazing story of a couple that met on Twitter and now are happily married. Read Below :

By Gamine Girlie
“I joined twitter, mid last year, a friend of mine invited me, at first I was like “what the!!” but I began using it.
For those of you that know about the Twitter phenomenon im sure you’d understand.  But like most web phenomenons, when you think you’ve stumbled upon a very cool exclusive web app, next thing you know, well.. celebs and Wannabes are using it, happened with this face book too.
I joined at a time when people where so hung up on Hi5, next thing i know even pets were joining face book.
Alongside this social networking and notworking apps, there’s been the surge of online dating, from the specific dating sites to social sites to forums to chat ,e.t.c, people are hooking up everywhere, and it was just a matter of time that TwitHookups would become a reality, 
So How Did It start :
He started following me three months after I joined twitter, his one-line biography read, “Music, movies, a Scientist”. it struck me as “somehow” but i decided to follow back, thats the decent thing to do on Twitter, follow back.
Well, one day i made a tweet about how i was tired of watching a particular TV show and he responded, we started a “Twitromance” and then graduated to chats then calls.
To cut the long story short he proposed to me after several dates and we are now happily married with KID.”
Interesting story that was, the next thing you will hear is i met my husband on Whats App?
Blessings Family


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