Speech by South African President Ramaphosa Under Investigation for Claims of Being Chat GPT Generated

South African officials are currently investigating whether a speech done by President Cyril Ramaphosa was Chat GPT generated. South African President Ramaphosa last week read a speech during a conference in Johannesburg.

The President read a speech about decolonizing education on November 21. People took his speech through AI detection software and found that a portion of his speech was created through chat-GPT.

According to the president’s spokesperson Vincent Magwenya, the President does not use AI to write his speeches. He further clarified that Ramaphosa’s speech was written by the Department of Basic Education and given to the president’s office.

Ramaphosa’s speech read, “We must challenge colonial theories and practices to build resilient education systems that are centered on African perspectives and experiences. This requires a shift away from a Eurocentric worldview to embrace a more diverse and inclusive perspective.”

Magwenya said that the department has been asked to clarify the source of the content of the speech. He added that action will be taken if found that the speech was indeed AI-generated.

“While we understand that there are questions about the reliability of AI-detection tools, we nevertheless take this reports seriously. The use of AI to produce speeches or any other material is unacceptable, and action will be taken should those reports prove to be correct.”

The South African ran the speech in question through AI Content Detector and found that parts of the speech were indeed generated by AI.

Written by Bushnell

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