Kenya Bans African Attire in Parliament

Kenyan President William Ruto has made headlines with his fashion choices. From his, Bvlgarri watch to his designer belt. His Excellency has also adopted a different kind of suit that former Presidents were not seen with.

President Ruto has popularized the Kaunda suit. It is a two-piece suit with a short or long-sleeved safari coat and matching colored pants. The Kaunda suit is of African descent, named after the late Zambian president, Kenneth Kaunda.

In a turn of events, however, the Kenyan parliament has banned the wearing of the Kaunda suit in parliament. According to the Kenyan parliament, the rising and new fashion trends are challenging the Kenyan parliament dress code.

The speaker of parliament, Moses Wetangula said that men should dress in long-sleeved shirts with a collar, ties socks, and shoes when in parliament while women should wear formal attire when attending parliament proceedings.

This has raised numerous reactions with most people struggling to understand why an African parliament would refuse the dressing of African attire. The suits had been allowed previously in the past while in parliament.

Moses Wetangula said the Kaunda suit was being tolerated but it was now time to stop that amid a threat to the Kenyan parliament dress code. Leading people to speculate that the suit will only be reserved for President Ruto.

Written by Bushnell

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