The Story Behind Bahati’s and Denno’s New Song Collabo ‘Story Yangu’

After Gospel Artist Denno released the song Mbona,Safari and among his other songs with big names in the gospel music industry such as Daddy Owen and Eunice Njeri, many believed that singer’s life had taken a new turn for the better.

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However, this is not the case as the artist recently reached out for Bahati to offer him help to start a business.

According to Bahati,the singer did sound distressed and his tale the saddest tale ever heard.  And it was clear that he had given up on his music career as a phone call conversation made by the singer to Bahati recently  had nothing to do with music,but was a cry of  a man in pain and agony.

Through a post on social media Bahati reminisced, Denno’s break through in gospel music in 2012, when his hit song was released and had many starting the conversation of embracing those with disabilities in the society and also giving them hope.

It was on the 27th May 2012 that Sunday when many of you heard the name #DENNO_WA_MBONA. Kenyans Shed tears of Joy as we saw a Hero of a different kind. Much thanks to the Blogs,DJs and the Media for holding his hand and Making #MBONA one of the biggest hits in 2012.. 2013 and even to date. Again much thanks to you Kenyan fans for being so Loyal and Supportive making this Song one of the highest downloaded in PRSPS such as BONYEZA. #DENNO stood as light and a voice of Hope to many that are facing the same challenge of Blindness and other disabilities,they got hope and Believed Disability is not Inability.

It  was clear from  the post that the singer had not ripped much from his musical career as the post indicated that the royalties paid for his songs did not reach the singer.

Bahati urged Kenyans to help Denno get back to his feet and he also offered to help him get his musical career back on track with this leading to yielding of their new song ‘story yangu’ that was released yesterday.

Here is Bahati’s appeal to  Kenyans as it read in part on his post.

My request to Kenyans this evening is that let’s come together and hold his hand. Let’s bring alive the dreams of many facing disability by Supporting their HERO. He’s a Voice to many in Our Society.. His Voice Speaks reality to many that are facing the same.Yaani Ana reach wasee Siwezi fikia. Tuwezi wacha Huyu msee a give up! … Maybe I should not be speaking about this but this but this is the sad truth.He’s Hope of many Talented Souls sitting on wheelchairs hoping to be Stars someday… DENNO’s star is the Only hope to thousands of Kids in his former school THIKA SCHOOL OF THE BLIND. And the best Business that I thought could Help him best is doing a Collabo Song with him..

Bahati noted that Denno was a beckon of hope to those facing disabilities and his star should not be allowed to fade.


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