“When I Started Preaching To The Youth Teens In A Gospel Event They Walked Out” Preacher Says

Teenagers can be a tough audience and sharing the gospel a tough subject. So how do you inspire a tough audience to engage in the tough stuff of evangelism?

I have attended several gospel events in church and also in schools but after artiste performances the youth usually walk out on the preacher. Why is it so?

A Conversation i saw of a preacher :

Is this a surprise? Are Christians  doing something wrong. Or we are preaching the wrong way? Is it the last days where the Bible says people will want to listen to what is sweet to their ears?

I remember the feelings of pride and confidence I felt as a child when I heard Bible stories that told of God’s triumphant powers reigning supreme over all the other gods and rulers and kings. Even though I did not consider myself as a “Child of Israel,” I did connect with “God’s chosen people” and felt that I had access to this same power. I felt that with God on my side I would overcome any obstacle and triumph in any situation. I felt invincible. I felt unstoppable. But this wasn’t just youthful arrogance. I had biblical support.

It  seems now the gospel is irrelevant to teen youths if theirs no hype to it or music. Even after the youth came for an event i attended and got the youthful music they still walked out during the preaching.

Young people are not interested in being a part of something that is not working. Young people are uninterested in carrying on traditions for tradition’s sake. We want evidence. We don’t want to be defeated. We want power. We want to feel excited about God and God’s people again.

I feel its time that our faith must be more than hope in eternal life with God. It must be a bulletin board for all to see consistency in our lives to show the power that God holds for helping us live holy, purposeful, and relevant lives TODAY.

Let’s have a conversation. Do you think we are losing touch in preaching to the youth in  today’s church? What can we do to make our faith more real to the younger generation?


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