So How Many Children Does J Blessing Have? Lets Count..

Jibril Blessing of Link Video Global is an award winning video producer in the gospel ministry through his talent of  directing videos.


Not many know what this guy does behind the scenes and that’s what Uliza Links is here for, to let you know. So did you know J Blessing has quite a number of children who are artistes in the gospel ministry?

If you didn’t  know, we would like to tell you that J Blessing has a lot of children (artistes) who he has supported in their music career.

He truly has a big heart and we wish that GOD will continue to bless him as he supports talent in the christian music ministry.

The “children” artistes he has mentored and promoted  include among others :

Princess Farida

Mercy Masika

Christine Ndela


Mr Seed



Willy Paul


Written by Link Press

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