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12 Dirty Things You Touch Daily

 In our daily activities we often end up touching so many surfaces and items that are usually carrying dirt.

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The biggest question is do we wash our hands after touching them? Here are 12 things you usually touch on a daily basis.

1. The toilet seat


Yes, the cycle begins from the start of the day. Though you clean those milky white surfaces and rims twice a week, or maybe more, researches show some 295 types of bacteria that can be found in every square inch of a toilet seat!


2. The light switch


Light switches are one of the most used things in a house or in a public place. They look sterile and harmless but they are one of the dirtiest things that come in regular contact with your skin. So one of the smartest things you can do to avoid touching all the germs swimming on the switch is to get up first and leave. Everyone knows, the last one to leave, switches off all the lights.


3. Money


Everyone loves them, the green notes, the shiny coins! They keep travelling from the hands of a cashier to the office clerk, to the homeless man, to the mother of a new born. There is no telling where your five dollar is coming from. A study in New York revealed 135,000 bacteria from washing one bill.


4. Computer keyboard


There’s hardly anybody in Kenya who has never used a computer. All of us spend a lot of time on it. Yet, we forget to clean its keyboard full with bacteria and germs. Certain studies even go as far as claiming that very dirty keyboards might have germs more than a toilet! So next time you sit down on your computer make sure the keyboard is clean.


5. Kitchen sink


For most women, it’s hard to accept as they spend a lot of time washing at the sink. However, it’s an easy giveaway, as a sink stays moist for most of the time and you are washing plates, meat, veggies etc. in there, making it a birth place for germs. This is why kitchen sinks should be cleaned regularly

6. Kitchen sponge

This shouldn’t come as a shocker given the fact they do the dirty job of cleaning. It is wet most of the time and its fluid filled micro crevices are hard to disinfect. Imagine germs swimming in there in delight! A good remedy is to microwave the sponge for 60 seconds!

7. Cell phones

Think how adoringly we carry them, flaunt them, cradle between the ear and cheeks for hours! Studies conducted in UK show that the cell phones or the mobile phones are the new age nemesis for its users. Because of the heat it generates, moisture from our body attract thousands of germs which are formed in the cell phones.

8. Bathtub

Though toilets and floor of a bathroom get cleaned regularly, the bat tubs don’t get the rubs as often. The dirt and germs on bathtubs mostly go undetected until someone in the family gets sick with urinary tract infection.

9. TV remote Control

You touch the remote while cooking, your son jumps at it straight back from the play ground, your husband seems to direct all his attention to it once he is home. Point is, a remote control gets all kinds of germs from everywhere and everyone. Add that to your cleaning list now!

10. A shopping cart

Let us not dampen your shopping spree, but because of sweat and constant touch by people, the handles of the shopping cart become full of germs and bacteria.

11. Ear Phones

Most of us put our head phones in the handbags or in the pockets that might be carrying dirt then we end up touching them with our hands. we also put in our in our ears therefore catching dirt.

12. Pens

People use pens and leave them on top of their desks or give out for somebody else to use . This eventually makes you’re hands catch dirt.

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