5 Reasons Why Its Hard Being A Pastors Kid

Pastors are the spiritual leaders and mentors for many Christians who flock churches to hear the word every Weekend.

At times Pastors and Bishops tend to focus more on the well being of their congregation while leaving the least of time to their beloved children. That’s why you tend to find some Pastors children finding it hard to follow the footsteps of their Father and mothers.

It's Hard Being a Pastor's Kid

Without looking at the circumstances surrounding the children other people assume that the pastors kids should be holy and thou. So now a pastor has come out to speak on behalf of their children on ” why its hard being a pastors Kid” Read below :

1. People expect more out of pastors’ kids (PKs) than any other kids. “My children need to have the same expectations as the other children in the church. They are not some kind of spiritual superstars because their dad’s a pastor.”

2. People are Not willing to offer encouragement to my children. “It’s not always easy to be a PK. The glass house thing is real. I am so thankful for the church members who go out of their way to encourage my children.”

3. People Dont Realize that they are just  kids. “I know a few church members who seem to think my kids are miniature adults. They expect them to act like a 40 year old instead of a 4 year old.

4. Always being referred as “PKs.” “Their identities should not be based on their father’s vocation. They have their own unique and special identities.”

5. Their Dad’s (Pastors) have a challenge in choosing between his/her kids and the church. “Too many PKs have grown up bitter and disillusioned about the church. Dad gave more attention to church members than his own children.”

So if you see a pastors Kid be kind in correction to them and not be a magnifying glass wanting to see each and every step they make as they are also kids.

What do you think?

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