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700 Club’s Pat Robertson Apologizes Over “Towels Could Have AIDS In Kenya” Remark

Pat Robertson on one of his sessions of giving advice to his viewers went probably too far in his answer. The founder of 700 Club gave a remark that caused a huge uproar here in Kenya claiming that “Towels in Kenya could have AIDS”.


An anonymous viewer had sent an email to The 700 Club to inquire about the dangers of traveling to Kenya on a mission trip, given the current outbreak of Ebola in parts of West Africa. “You might get AIDS in Kenya, people have AIDS, you’ve got to be careful. mean, the towels could have AIDS,” said Robertson in a response to the viewer.

On Monday the CBN network came out and responded about the comment saying it was an error by the Televangelist and have removed it from their archive.

On last Thursday’s The 700 Club broadcast, Dr. Robertson was responding to a viewer’s question about a mission trip to Kenya and getting Ebola. In his answer about the health dangers posed by such a trip, Dr. Robertson misspoke about the possibility of getting AIDS from towels. CBN recognized this error immediately and removed that statement from the online archive. CBN apologizes for any confusion.

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