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It can’t get any better when you receive an award on a special day such as your birthday, this the story of the new kid on the block Mash Mwana. Who was crowned this year’s Groove New Artist of the Year. The Hatachelewa Hit Maker who escaped an inferno at Mukuru wa Sinai is a potential Male Artist of the Year recipient as is the tradition of them that receive the New Artist award. 

Bahati won the New Artist category in 2013 and later Bahati won the Male Artist category for years 2014 and 2015. L Jay Maasai was the New Artist for 2014 and later was crowned the Male Artist of the Year this year 2016. Mash Mwana graced my blog and we got to discuss matters music on the exclusive below: 

@iancKollins: Why the name Mash Mwana?

@mashmwana: Mash Mwana is derived from my real name Mamayu and the word mwana means son.

@iancKollins: What type of music does Mash Mwana do?

@mashmwana:I do kapuka and bongo

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite video producer?

@mashmwana: Gadgado

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite audio producer?

@mashmwana: Teddy B

@iancKollins: Most memorable gig?

@mashmwana: The Groove Party 2014 it was my first time to perform at the Groove and in front of many people.

@iancKollins: Do you have a musical sensation that Mash Mwana longs to do a collabo with…

@mashmwana: Yes Solomon Mkubwa I love his songs and his personality

@iancKollins: Describe the feeling you had when your name was mentioned as the winner of Groove New Artist of the Year…


God is faithful, the good thing about that day I won the award was in fact my birthday. The feeli

@iancKollins: A piece of info that the public doesn’t know….

@mashmwana: I do business. Yes I am businessman.

@iancKollins: Describe Mash Mwana’s fashion sense…

@mashmwana: I like any matters fashion and my dream is to have a fashion house.

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Written by Brandy Roberson


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