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7 years strong for Dj Krowbar and wife Joy

Celebrated gospel dj, Dj Krowbar yesterday celebrated 7 years in marriage with his wife joy. The happy couple got married in 3rd September 2010 and have two lovely daughters.


He wrote this heartwarming message for his wife on his facebook page
“Wow… 7yrs have flown just like that… feels like 2-3yrs ago. Joy and I have seen a lot together and will continue to see even more together. Truth be told, my wife Joy seems perfect for me. She is the one that makes it easy for me to lead the family. I am so proud I fell for her. She is worth her salt FOR REAL!!!”
“This new year is going to be amazing, we will have a ball, being faithful to our calling, each other and our kids. My love, I need you, you are amazing, I am humbled to be with you. I decided to love you and love you publicly from the 3rd of September 2010. I will keep at it till old age, and when Christ takes us home. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY QUEEN. 😍😍”

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Written by Eugene Cardus

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