Crazy Kennar Considers Himself To Be The Most Creative Man Alive

Happy Country by Crazy Kennar

Last year many Kenyan creatives had a successful year launching sold-out comedy shows. The likes of Njugush and his wife even did a world tour. Terence Creative also had a successful premiere of his show Wash Wash 4.

Content creator known for his comical skits, Crazy Kennar also premiered his fast stand-up comedy live show, Happy Country. The launch was a success seeing numerous tickets sold and support from other creatives in the Kenyan industry.

Crazy Kennar claims that he is the most creative man alive. This is not the first time he has made such remarks. This time, however, the comedian suggests that a book should be written about him with the title, ‘Most Creative Man.’

“My mind is like a creative machine, I see ideas from all parts of the possible realm of imagination, I see storylines, I see jokes, I see the world of film and TV in frames of 60 seconds. Somebody should write a book about me. Title: The Most Creative Man.”

This came despite the fallout Kennar had with members of his initial team. At some point, the fallout took a toll on the comedian who claimed to have been in depression. He however has managed to build a new team.

At the comedy show, Kennar shared that he has lost his young child but despite that committed to having the show. Videos of him working on content with other creators like Flaqo and Cartoon Comedian have many Kenyans eager for the content they are working on.

Written by Bushnell

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