Diamond Announces That He Plans On Staying Single

Back in the days of our African forefathers, a man would be encouraged to sow his oats before he died. It was a symbol of wealth to some. Tanzanian artist Diamond seems to be following the same route with his many children.

The bongo artist made some new announcements regarding his relationship status. While it was not clear whether he was back together with singer Zuchu after they were seen together in a video where Diamond was seen gifting Zuchu.

Diamond announced that he is single and will be single for the foreseeable future. He clarified that if his relationship status is to change, he will be the one notifying the public about his status.

A few weeks back, Diamond spent time with his baby mama, Zari. The two share two children and are both part of the Young, Famous, and African series that airs on Netflix.

The video raised many concerns, seeing that Diamond had embraced the idea of a blended family. He was seen with the children and Zari’s Husband. In another video, he was with Zuchu, Zari, and her husband.

Diamond has been rumored to be dating multiple women over his career. Some result in children while others a flimsy rumors. His mother has also been very vocal about her son’s choice of women.

In the hit Netflix series, Young, Famous and African Diamond is seen to be having a sort of hidden romance with one of the casts from Ghana. The relationship however comes with drama when the mother of Diamond’s two kids is dragged into the whole drama. Diamond is also on the spot for denying he has a girlfriend while he was dating during the filming of the video.

Written by Bushnell

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