(Exclusive Statement) Video Director Young Wallace Response To Allegations That He Left Client’s Stranded

Allegations have been leveled against video producer Young Wallace and we have a statement from him that he wished to share with the artiste’s.

young wallace

Read below :

Over a year ago before I founded my company, convex media, I used to work @ LB Films of which I quit early this year

There were some pending jobs which were supposed to be taken care of by their new editor.

But the last time I checked, the company had moved to somewhere in Eldoret leaving at least 5 clients stranded….

 Including the guy who was accusing me of theft. I have done the best I could to solve the issue eg. Re-shooting some of the projects.

I am therefore not liable for their lost or delayed projects. I was just an employee for LB films and handed over everything the day I quit.

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