Glory To GOD!! 78,000 People Give Their Life’s To Jesus Christ Through A Website

A Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) website created to reach Spanish-speakers with the message of love and hope in God,, reported that tens of thousands of Latinos have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior in one year’s time.

Since, which translates to peace with God, went live in June 2012, the BGEA receives nearly 80 daily emails from website visitors and 78,000 Latinos have been prompted to pray for salvation after visiting. These numbers continue to increase and the BGEA hopes that developing this new ministry will be a launching pad to spread the message of peace within the Hispanic community.

“While Hispanic Christians will likely be uplifted and encouraged in their faith by visiting, the site really exists for the non-believers who are searching for answers in life and are looking for the hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ,” said John Cass, BGEA’s director for Internet Evangelism.

Upon entering the website’s landing page, visitors are guided to explore videos and information on “Four Steps to Obtain Peace” based on principles that the BGEA has used for years.

“The four steps basically follow the message of John 3:16 in four parts to walk people through the Gospel,” said Cass. “As visitors watch the videos they will realize that God loves them so much that He sent His Son to die – and conquer the grave – for them. They’ll also see the stories of others who struggled with various problems in life who found new hope in Jesus
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