Kate Middleton Apologizes For Edited Photo

The Princess of Wales in an attempt to quiet all the conspiracies going round about her health, she posted and shared a photo to the press for circulation.

The media however recalled the particular photo of Kate Middleton with her three children George, Charlotte and Louis that she posted for mothers day.

The photo was supposed to prove that Kate Middleton was well under the road to recovery after her abdominal surgery back in January. After she has been out of Public sight since then.

Press across all board however had to stop circulation of the picture when they noticed discrepancies. The photo was apparently edited with photoshop and other AI tools.

Catherine, Princess of Wales then issued an apology in regards to the photo. She said that she tried doing a little editing and claimed she was an amateur.

The next time her royal Highness was seen is was hse was leaving Windsor Castle alongside Prince William. She allegedly had a private appointment to attend to.


Written by Bushnell

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