Kwambox on the Spot for Comments She Made Amid Recent Murders

Kenyans on X (formerly known as Twitter) are not a happy lot. The displeased netizens on the App are sharing and airing their frustration over a comment KISS FM presenter, Kwambox made on a video.

The morning show host had a video of her dancing to some Afrobeat tunes while she talked to the camera in between the videos. The statement that made all hell break lose was when she made a comment regarding Nigerians and how she felt about it.

“Even if you guys are not feeling Nigerians this week, I don’t care.”

This statement was taken negatively due to the allegations that a Nigerian allegedly brutally murdered a young woman before trying to flee. The Nigerian man was caught at the airport with a Mozambique passport and was later brought to Kasarani Police Station for questioning.

This comes after the murder of socialite and Pastor Kanyari’s sister, Scarlett. Ever since her murder, more and more women have come out to share the dark side of what happens to women who agree to meet with men they barely knew from social media.

The Kenyans on X ‘want blood’ and some have gone to the extent of wanting the same fate of former presenter Sahffie Weru on Kwambox. Kenyans are citing negligence from the media house in their reaction to the video.

Other netizens however are not seeing any problem with Kwambox’s statement. Pointing out that she has a right to express how she feels. The video that was deleted by the radio station has been shared on X making Kwambox a trending topic.

Written by Bushnell

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