Elsa Majimbo’s Philanthropic Act For Kenyan Girls

Philanthropy is common amongst most if not all wealthy men and women. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Naomi Campbell are some of the wealthy individuals who donate a portion of their wealth towards bettering the less privileged communities.

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo is making good use of her well-deserved and earned wealth by choosing to educate young Kenyan girls. Elsa says that she would love to be part of the reason why people have better lives.

Elsa posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) her intentions to one day be able to educate young girls from Kenya. While replying to a comment she added that she does not like hoarding money considering she had the financial means.

The Californian-based comedian has immersed a lot of wealth ever since she went viral for one of her hilarious videos. She has since gotten awards like the E People’s Choice Awards and YouTube streamy.

The Kenyan-born comedian has also been featured in global publications like Forbes and being part of the Top Creators list. She has also worked with mega-brands in different industries in fashion like Valentino and Apps like Bumble.

Elsa has risen to fame and managed to maneuver through the entertainment industry like a pro. She has been rubbing shoulders and making friends with some A-list celebrities and even got invited to Beyoncé’s birthday party.

The theme around most of Elsa’s content is about not hoarding money and using it to better your life. Her approach to doing better for others aligns with her brand. The comedian mentioned in a video she once asked her management to drain her account so that she could use it for philanthropic works.


Written by Bushnell

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